About the Author

David Mandeville, started his working life in a number of jobs – including warehouseman, postman, security guard, vaultkeeper, film technician, shopkeeper and importer – before becoming a freelance writer, a role which he believes needs as much experience of the world as possible.

As such he contributed many non-fiction articles to various magazines and worked as a journalist abroad, before ‘settling down’ as a teacher of English Language and Literature in the UK. He set up extracurricular creative writing groups at a high school – the Minutemen and Vibe – in conjunction with graduate students at UEA, which met with pleasing results in producing published poets, short story writers and novelists from students, some of whom are represented on the Firebird Writers’ Group site.

Since incurring health problems from extensive travelling (including contracting Legionnaire’s Disease in North Korea) he has retired from full-time teaching and is currently finishing two books of travel poetry, early partial drafts of which can be found on the Firebird. However, he has recently been well enough to travel in Sri Lanka and all going well will visit Morocco before spending some time in Sub-Saharan Africa where he hopes to stay with the San bushmen of the Kalahari.

Thanks to a testimonial from the Vibe Writers’ Group he was appointed as a Poetry Society Trailblazer for 2020.

On The Professor and the Madman

(I’m still searching for a decent combination of typefaces to make this journal more user-friendly–apologies if it is still looking odd or difficult to read. I switched to

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